Groupe Argus

Planet VO

The solution for a perfect command of your used car business

Adopted by 15,000 automobile distributors and 3,000 dealers and distribution groups, Planet VO® is designed for better used car daily management.

Several central features allows you to:

  • Track your activity for the life cycle of your used car
  • Reduce your management time
  • Identify precisely and valuate easily your vehicle with the Argus Repository and the Argus® valuation system
  • Interact and be interfaced automatically with your business softwares in order to facilitate the exchange of information and prevent re-entering of data
  • Manage the trade-in operations thanks to the tablet application
  • Advertise your deals as widely as possible on more than 400 websites

Learn more about the Diffusion+ option, a new tool for supporting decision-making that allows to:

  • Optimise your price positioning
  • Control and improve your ads thanks to a scoring system to measure the quality of the advert
  • Publish unlimited ads on our sites, dedicated to the general public, and  to professionals
  • Enjoy a gateway to communicate with the auction houses of your choice

Get a unique quality service with bespoke and additional services such as installation support, training and assistance hotline.


Guy PEPINO Method and Organisation Director - Groupe Maurin
One thing is certain: Planet VO has become an invaluable and essential tool in our UV business. It is now impossible to work without this tool. In almost a single clic, you can advertise all your used cars on the Internet, prevent re-entering of data thanks to the DMS interface, and edit all management documents such as stock lists, labels, warranty transfers, etc.

It is a huge time saver for our teams. As far as I know, there is no such a tool in the market. We considered several other vendors, but they were much less complete than Planet VO.
Planet VO gives an overall picture of the stock of all your sites, and provides updated dashboards easily and rapidly. Moreover, there is a growing number of car manufacturers recommending Planet VO for their used car programmes.
Christophe DELTEIL Used Car Manager - VO@PRO Centre
The Centre Mustière Occasions has been a key player in the used car retail business for 15 years and generates an annual turnover of 50 million euros and sells 7,000 vehicles per year. It changed to VO@PRO Centre. The VO@PRO Centre offers a large selection of passenger and commercial vehicles of all types and mileages.

Drawing on its extensive experience, the VO@PRO Centre has built strong relationships with its partners, ensuring thereby the traceability of the used vehicles that are offered to you.
The VO@PRO Centre implements a strategy to supply innovative and effective solutions to its professional clients by combining its technology and proximity thanks to a team committed to recognizing you and understanding your needs.
Emmanuel BOURDON Used Car Job Director - Rousseau Automobile
We integrated Planet VO about 10 years ago. Back then, we were looking for a multi-site and multi-brand management tool. Planet VO was the most complete solution for UV management.
Planet VO offers numerous features, and concerns not only the used car trade, but also web processing service with used car advertising, printing of summary sheets that Renault sales advisors prefer to the ones generated through the car manufacturer's DMS. It also covers trade-in forecasts and trader management which represents around 1,500 used cars per year.

Planet VO is also an excellent reporting tool as it allows data extractions to Excel notably stock overview, margin analysis, and valuation: in a single clic, you can valuate all your stock. We also determine the pay and variable grids thanks to Planet VO. Managing the business would be extremely difficult without Planet VO, especially for Renault, as we are equipped with an old generation DMS. Without this tool, I think I would need to hire at least to 2 full-time experienced employees.