Groupe Argus

Cardiff VO

The 360° business management solution for all professional car dealers.

Global and scalable, Cardiff VO® is the ideal solution for all types of independent car professionals concerned about their UV business.

Simple and ergonomic, Cardiff VO is available in 3 types of offers (Junior, Senior, Major) designed to cover the used car cycle and cater to all needs and budgets.

Used by more than 2,000 clients, Cardiff VO allows to:

  • Manage your business including invoicing with an all-in-one solution
  • Have a better grasp of your daily activity
  • Benefit from a market price analysis in a single click with the Argus® Value, Argus® Ads Value, Argus® Transaction Value as well as other benchmarking tools
  • Save up to 1,5 hours per vehicle using notably the identification by number plate system and accurate information thanks to the Argus® Repository
  • Get maximum mobility with Cardiff Flash mobile application: streamlined file creation, real-time inventory visibility, quick picture-taking
  • Increase your visibility on the Internet by automatically advertising deals on websites of your choice
  • Be spotted! 2,5 million net surfers can view your ads on the Argus Group’s and its partners’ websites
  • Develop interfaces with third-party solutions (warranty providers, accounting, etc.), bespoke modules and customised services