Groupe Argus

Planet VO²

All the expertise of the Argus Group in a new software

By building on the success of Planet VO and the expertise of Argus, Planet VO²® is a new used car management software for all car dealers.

This powerful tool incorporates a fully revamped design and ergonomics as well as new features even more efficient such as business intelligence, customer relationship management systems, a sales catalogue and a smartphone application.

Planet VO² reshapes the dealership experience and optimises:

  • Stock rotation
  • Sales performance
  • Margins and profitability
  • Team productivity

Furthermore, we have put together bespoke modules and personalised services to help you use this new software every day.


Guy PEPINO Method and Organisation Director - Groupe Maurin
One thing is certain: Planet VO has become an invaluable and essential tool in our UV business. It is now impossible to work without this tool. It is a huge time saver for our teams.
As far as I know, there is no such a tool in the market.
Emmanuel BOURDON Used Car Job Manager - Rousseau Automobile
We integrated Planet VO about 10 years ago. Back then, we were looking for a multi-site and multi-brand management tool.
Planet VO was the most complete solution for UV management.
Julien LODIEL Used Car Manager - Nissan Espace 3
We installed Planet VO in 2006. Back then, it had been recommended by a peer, and to my knowledge, there is no real competitors to Planet VO in the market. It is safe to say that Planet VO has become indispensable.