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Société anonyme au capital de 450 000 €
Siret 57221459100016
TVA intracommunautaire : FR59572214591

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Antoine Jouteau

Head office

11-13 rue des Petits Hôtels
75010 Paris
Tél. : 01 53 29 11 00
Fax : 01 53 29 12 34
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SAS au capital de 10 069 020 €
2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France
Tél : +33 9 72 10 10 07

General terms of use of the site

Prior legal conditions/arrangements

SNEEP, simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 450 000 euros, having its registered office located at 11-13 rue des Petits Hôtels - 75010 Paris, ("Argus") publishes a website available at (the « website ») that provides general informative contents to companies, their business lines and products they market (the "Contents")

By connecting to the Site, and accessing to the Contents, the net surfer accepts as a user (the "User") to comply with the General Terms of Use (the "GTU")and the French laws.

The GTU apply to the Site, all the pages and URL as well as all the subdomains regardless of their level of hierarchy.

The GTU aims at regulating the use and navigation of the Site. The use of paid products or services is governed by the general terms and conditions of sale (the "GTCS") and, where necessary, by special conditions related to the concerned products and services.

The use of Contents on social networks (Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, Google+®, Tumblr®, etc.) is subject to respect by the User of the GTU and the general terms of use set by the social networks operators.

The General Terms of Use that are applicable are those available on the Site. The date of the latest update of the GTU is specified on the Site. Argus can modify at all times the GTU. Should the previous GTU remain accessible to the public via other websites or other means, they shall not be relied on as against Argus. The User is asked to consult the latest GTU on the Site.

The User declares to have full legal capacity to accept the GTU, and by doing so, to be of legal age and not to be under supervision or trusteeship. In the event the net surfer is a minor, she/he represents and acknowledges having received authorisation from her/his parents or the holder(s) of parental authority who agree to guarantee compliance with all provisions of these GTU, and be responsible for their children's use of the Contents, and acknowledging that the information displayed on the Site is intended for the general public.

Minimal requirements

Pour se connecter au Site, accéder aux Contenus, il appartient à l’Utilisateur de vérifier que cet accès et cette utilisation soient rendus possibles dans les meilleures conditions en installant les logiciels nécessaires et appropriés.

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The Site is normally accessible worlwide. However, for legal reasons, access can be limited from certain countries or zones.

The Site and thus the Contents are accessible, in principle, 24/7, except in cases of force majeure, events beyond the control of Argus, any breakdowns of the Site as well as maintenance operations which are necessary for the Site.

Our customer support is available by phone at +33(0)153291105 Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.


Cookies are text files that often contain a unique identifier. A cookie is sent thoughout the browser and by the website to your computer, smartphone or tablet and stored on the related hard disk. Each website can send its own cookie as long as the browser preferences allow it.

Three types of cookies are used:

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  • "Web beacons" are electronic images.

Cookies aim exclusively at allowing and enhancing electronic communication and require prior consent of the User.

Each browser can be set to support all cookies, notify you when you are sent a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether or not to accept it. Should the User opt for the latter, some custom characteristics might not be provided to the User and, therefore, it will be impossible to take full advantage of the Contents- and Services-related functionalities offered by Argus.

There are several ways for the User to manage the cookies. As a result of differences between the browsers, it is highly recommended to read carefully the rules and preferences concerning the cookies in the browser "Help" menu. Blocking cookies prevents saving, login or making complete use of the Contents and Services. The User can also set mobile devices and manage privacy options.

On the Site, cookies memorise certain data related to the user preferences and adapt it to the User profile.

Visiting the Site with one's browser set up to accept "cookies" implies that the User wishes to use the Contents and Services and that the User consents to the use of cookies and other dedicated technologies.

Data provided by cookies helps to better understand the user navigation as well as his/her choice of Contents or Services in order to provide a better experience on the Site and when using the Contents and Services. Cookies feature login memorisation between sessions, saved pages or the Site layout chosen by the User when the functionality exists, etc.

Cookies essentially do not contain any personal information. Nevertheless, in case of a transfer a data throughout the Contents or Services, such personal data can be linked to cookies.

HTML format emails may contain web beacons to inform Argus that email messages have been opened or to check the clicks on the links included in the email. One can use this information to analyse which messages caught the User's attention. The web beacon is deleted with the deletion of the email. Plain text emails do not contain web beacons.


For all questions about the Contents, the User emails her/his request at:

In order to ensure the request is processed, the User shall communicate the following: (i) precise identification of User, (ii) description and nature of the facts underlying the resquest (incorrect content, malfunction of the Website; Content removal) and context of their occurrence and (iii) purpose and justification and the request.

The request will be investigated by the Site administrator that will devote all means to provide an appropriate solution when necessary.

Intellectual property

The Site and the Contents are fully and entirely the property of Argus pursuant to Articles L.122-6 and seq. and L.341-1 and seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

The use of the Site cannot be construed as a transfer of intellectual property rights or any other rights of the Site, the Contents or any other constituting elements.

The use of the Site cannot be construed as a transfer of intellectual property rights of the trademarks, signs or names owned by Argus or its partners. The User shall not use them, in any form and purpose, (i) without prior written consent of Argus or (ii) except to indicate, in the context of its use, the origin of the Content obtained and used.


Argus makes all necessary arrangements to publish quality Contents on the Site. No guarantee of any kind, whether implicit or explicit, shall be enforced against Argus including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness, availability, reliability of data resulting from use of the Site, the Contents, nor the adequacy of Contents with the intended use by the User.

Argus can provide links on its Site (hypertext, "flash", or any other system) to create a connection to and refer to third-party websites. Should the User use these links, the User fully bears the risks incurred by this action and takes all necessary measures to ensure her/his protection, including her/his equipment against viruses, "trojan" and "spyware".

The presence of links on the Site does not imply in any way the Argus promotes, approves, either affiliated or associated with, or legally authorised to use any trade mark, trade name, logo or copyrighted symbol that may be shown of this type of links.

Argus shall not be held responsible for any information or links displayed by third-party websites on its Site. Argus shall not be held responsible for contents presented and proposed by third-party websites, advertisers, partners or any other person providing information from the Site, notably regarding quality, accuracy, topicality, availability, reliability, completeness or non-infringement of information provided by these third parties. The user hereby expressly accepts responsibility for taking all necessary precautions and measures to be informed, make enquiries, be advised and check any information received. Argus is not responsible for the navigation quality or any problem incurred by accessing these third-party websites (including any collection and transmission of personal data, installation of cookies or any other process in support of the same ends, carried out by these third-party sites from the Site).

Argus shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss which may result from the use of the Site, the Contents, the inability to access the Site or the Contents, a failure of the Site or any breakdown, disruption or breach of the Site.

User responsibilities

The use of the Site and Contents is conducted under the overall direction and control and responsibility of the User.

The User agrees not to make any unauthorised use of the Site and the Contents or any element which may cause harm to Argus or a third party.

The User uses the Site and the Contents in such a way that it will not cause any damage, interruption, alteration or mafunctioning of the Site and the Contents.

The use of the Site and Contents is exclusively reserved for private use and purposes by natural persons. The use of Contents for commercial or professional purposes may be envisaged provided written consent of Argus. Any use without prior written consent of Argus will constitute infringement.

The User undertakes to not infringe any intellectual property rights, as defined in Article 6, owned by Argus and its partners.

Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, downloading, modification, posting, distribution, re-transmission or sales transaction of the Contents herein is strictly prohibited.

Reproduction in whole or in part of the Contents, data and information consulted, extracted or provided when consulting the Site is strictly forbidden. All components and elements on the Site and the Contents are also subject to such prohibition, including:

  • Editorial (texts, etc.);
  • Informative (databases, personalised results, etc.);
  • Organisational (tabs, services and content presentation, etc.);
  • Organisation (arborescence, Site operation, hypertext links, etc.);
  • Conceptual media (mock-up, advertising, promotional offer, all disctintive signs, etc.);
  • Visual (trademarks, domain names, logos, iconographies, photographs, graphic charter, images, banners, signage elements, etc.);
  • Audiovisual media (videos, advertising, programmes, etc.)
  • Sound.

The User is accountable for her/his acts, her/his writings and in a general manner her/his behaviour on the Site. Her/his liability can be engaged in the event of violation of the GTU and, more broadly, laws and regulations as well as uses of the Internet.

The User is sole responsible for her/his decision to subscribe to one of the paid services offered by Argus.

Information sharing

The Site provides Users with various flows of formatted information, such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication), ATOM or XML, regularly refreshed and usable by content aggregators. These flows can be used without prior consent for a website or a Blog, with the exception of any professional use.

The creation of hypertext links pointing to the Site URL or its subdomains is authorised without prior consent and subject to displaying the relevant page in a new browser window (with no use of frames).

Sharing content (audiovisual, textual, advertising, etc.) on social networks is authorised without prior consent on condition that the User (i) reads the Terms of Use of the social networks where he publishes the content and (ii) that no modification or alteration of the content is made to distort the scope or intent of the information provided by its author or the owner of the IP Rights in such content.

Applicable law and jurisdictional competence

The GTU are governed by French law.

For any dispute or litigation regarding the validity, interpretation or fulfilment of the GCTS, the French courts shall have jurisdiction regardless of the place of consultation of the Site.