Groupe Argus

Digital Argus Keywords

Get a recognised AdWordsTM expertise for campaigns with Argus, first Google Partner

This new offer is intended for car business professionals such as dealers, groups of dealers, car makers, independent repair shops, etc. that have a website publishing car adverts. Digital Argus Keywords is a simple and rapid solution to create ads on search engines and advertise them to surfers interested in purchasing used or new vehicles.

Digital Argus Keywords is fuelled by the Argus® Repository, a rich and accurate database. It aims at flawlessly identifying vehicles in the dealer’s inventory and selecting specific keywords to contextualise each advert.

Digital Argus Keywords will display adverts on search results made on very specific queries matching dealers’ specificities such as geographic location, opening hours, highlighting a technical feature, a make, a model, etc.

Digital Argus Keywords allows you to:

  • Be immediately visible in search results for precise keywords
  • Optimise your advertising message: title and description of adverts, landing pages, selection of the geographic area
  • Control precisely your spending
  • Advertise when surfers are searching for you
  • Generate qualified traffic on you website and new leads
  • Enjoy a personalised assistance: performance reporting, advice of AdWordsTM-certified Argus experts, optimisation and follow-up on your campaigns