Groupe Argus

Digital Argus Campaign

Revolutionise your emailing campaigns! Spread your offers to 25 million car intentionists

Digital Argus Campaign is the ultimate solution to efficiently manage emailing campaigns for all car business professionals.

Based on behavioural analyses of net surfers, this turnkey tool automates mass emailing by segmenting and targeting intentionsits.

Get the most out of our 25 million qualified emails database and:

  • Optimise your emailings and generate qualified leads
  • Save time in the creation of your campaigns
  • Keep your budget under control
  • Benefit from more transparency in the performance of your marketing actions
  • Target only qualified intentionists thanks to a behaviour-based algorithm
  • Implement A/B testing and maximise your ROI
  • Enjoy a specific assistance: real-time statistics, team dedicated to implementing and following, creation of emailing kits and landing pages, etc.