Groupe Argus

Argus Trade-in Module

Propose the Cote Argus and a free-of-charge trade-in estimate on your website

Argus has developed a fully customisable online trade-in estimation module that allows users to make numerous offers such as “Argus® Trade-in+” for any NV acquisition project, UV trade-in valuation or straight trade-in based on the Argus® Value or Argus® Transaction Value.

Through this ergonomic interface:

  • You set your own trade-in conditions
  • The net surfer identifies the vehicle with its number plate
  • Her/his phone number is checked by SMS
  • She/he gets a minimum and maximum trade-in valuation
  • On your end, you have everything you need to contact rapidly the net surfer

Make sure to:

  • Get 95% of the intentionists
  • Generate at least 5 times as many leads as classic UV adverts
  • Deal rapidly with net surfers’ queries
  • Propose a quote based on the Argus Value and the credibility of the Argus brand