Groupe Argus

Argus Value and Argus Market Value

The only 5-in-1 tool to better trade in, resale and manage your stock

What is the best trade-in value for a vehicle? What is the best selling price? How long will it stay in stock? What is the competition doing in my area?

Don’t waste any more time exploring classified ad sites, comparing vehicles, consulting dealers: Argus does it for you and gets it all in its valuation system.

The Argus® Value, pivotal value recognised by all car business professionals, regulated professions and the general public, is available for most of the vehicles aged between 1 and 15. Market reference since 1927, the Argus® Value helps determine trade-in prices or valuate the stock from an accounting perspective, and can be consulted in the past or future (residual value).

Along with the Argus® Value, available on, Planet VO, Planet VO² or Cardiff VO, discover the Argus market values, developed by a team of statisticians and job experts, and based on millions of data processed in the Argus ecosystem.

  • Argus® Ads Value: advertised price recommended by Argus, based on the latest posted prices that sold the vehicles
  • Argus® Transaction Value: the only valuation based on the actual selling prices registered in France
  • Price for New: catalogue price, technical features, standard equipment and options, all in the Argus® Repository: all necessary information for a good car advertising and selling
  • Argus Turnover Time: median stock duration of similar vehicles

In addition to these values, compare your advertised price or selling price with the competition thanks to Sonar Argus® Ads and Sonar Argus® Transactions, two benchmark tools that are fully configurable and displaying similar ads and recent transactions in your catchment area.

Argus provides a Value API, a new programming interface that will allow your developers to integrate the Argus® Value and Argus® market values directly to your proprietary software or application.

Identify your vehicle with the Argus Repository and get all the Argus values thanks to the Value API.