Groupe Argus

HR Argus Executive

Human Resources Management consulting

HR Argus Executive provides a range of HR solutions for management teams of companies from the automotive sector.

HR Argus Executive reaches out to the wider public such as car manufacturers, importers, independent distributors, rental companies, OEMs, etc., and comprises three main “building blocks”:


  • Direct approach by our network of senior consultants
  • Exclusive access to a network of managers and top managers


  • Coaching by our highly qualified experts and our exclusive contributors
  • Transition management (a multi-skilled network that can be rapidly mobilised) and outplacement

Customised solution:

  • HR audit and skills assessments
  • Outsourcing and provision of additional sales forces
  • Support and optimisation programme roll-out

HR Argus Executive will:

  • Provide you with the best automotive experts able to fathom and get to grips with your issues
  • Offer you tailored services
  • Guarantee total confidentiality