Groupe Argus

Prelaunch Argus Analysis

So much more than market studies…

Prelaunch Argus Analysis is a decision-making tool intended for car manufacturers and importers planning to launch a new vehicle on the French market.

These tailored studies full of information aim at anticipating the residual values of the vehicle based on its economic environment, as well as comparing the model with direct competitors and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle ranges.

Argus makes recommendations to improve the vehicle’s overall positioning, and hence the residual values.

Prelaunch Argus Analysis allows you to:

  • Anticipate the global market and valuate a pre-launch vehicle
  • Better understand the positioning of competitors and of the vehicle
  • Assess the financial risk due to the ageing of the vehicle
  • Adopt a better approach of the residual value straight after the launch