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About Argus Group

Who are we?

Founded in 1927, Argus is a family and independent company and has been a privileged partner of the car business professionals, and is permeated by a culture of continuous evolution and innovation.

Our growth and diversification strategy has enabled us to develop a rich and varied product portfolio, intended for professionals, including car manufacturers, distributors, dealers, auction houses, etc. This range of unique services combines performance and simplicity, and is 100% dedicated to greater commercial and financial efficiency.

Today we offer a range of services structured around five strategic directions: Argus Information, Argus Valuation, Argus Solution, Argus Acquisition and Argus Consulting.

Because the world is changing and mutations are accelerating, we must support our clients in these major evolutions and assist them in achieving their own digital transformation.

Today's Argus is worth 250 involved and committed employees based in Paris, Nantes and Casanblanca (Morocco). See all event highlights of 2016 here:

Our History



Iconic figure in press and sport, Paul Rousseau founded L’argus of automobiles and locomotions, a car newspaper published both for professionals and individuals. Ernest Loste, FIAT importer, finances the inception of the newspaper.

One number 1 l'argus /

Argus Value

The value is internalised: the Argus Value® is created.

Argus Value


The democratisation of motor cars benefits L’argus. Faithful to the newspaper's foremost concern, Jacques Loste writes a number of engaged articles. At the same time, the value enriches and its calculation has been fine-tuning since 1963.



The advent of this medium gives the newspaper the opportunity of a first development. On the network, L’argus can provide improved services, such as the ad exchange and the Personalised Argus Value®.



The arrival of the Internet changed the fate of the newspaper, under the leadership of Jacques Loste's daughter, Florence. L’argus launches its website, and then begins to extend its know-how towards new car activities.



Succeeding her grand-father and her mother, Alexandrine Breton Des Loÿs took over L’argus in 2001. Ever since, the press company has transformed into a diversified group, Argus Group, based in Paris and Nantes. The 2000s marked the deployment, intiated in the 1990s, of the automotive expertise earned by the company.


Professional website

Launch of the professional website and the first used car special edition:


Acquisition of Planet VO

Acquisition of Planet VO®, used car business management for car dealers.

Planet VO Argus

Acquisition of Mixad

Acquisition of Mixad, specialised in UV ads management and performance measurement tools.


Acquisition of Cardiff

The Group acquires Cardiff that specialises in used car management tools intended for independant dealers and traders, and ties a partnership with Neowebcar, specialised in new vehicle destocking and addressing car distributors.

Cardiff VO

Acquisition of Autorecrute

Acquisition of Autorecrute, the number one job website for the automotive industry to advertise offers, look for CVs and obtain recruitment consultancy.


Argus innovation

Argus creates Argus Innovation, wholly-owned subsidiary that invests in innovative start-ups, potential growth drivers for the Group.


The digital era

The acquisition of Go Between Conseil and of Digital Dealer allows Argus to implement a comprehensive digital and consulting strategy.

Go Between Conseil

International development

Argus opens a subsidiary in Morocco and exports the Argus Value®.

La cote Argus Maroc



Acquisition of JDKLog and development of activities for long-term vehicle leasing companies.


Neowebcar, leader in new car classified ads, becomes a fully-owned subsidiary. The Group founds the Digital Dealer Factory, a new entity specialised in the development of websites.

Gender Equality Index

In accordance with the Avenir law, aimed to eliminate the wage gap between women and men, SNEEP’s SEU (Social and Economical Unity) publishes its Gender Equality Index.

Gender Equality Index

What does this Index consist of ?

In accordance with decree n° 2019-15 of January 8, 2019, the index should be calculated from 4 to 5 indicators (depending on the size of the company). It gives a rate out of 100 points. Each company must logically reach, at least, 75/100. If a company does not exceed threshold, it has three years to comply, otherwise it should be penalized up to 1% of its payroll.The objective of this measure being to eradicate inequities in the professional world between men and women.

To establish its score, NEEP’s SEU* had to respect the 4 indicators set in advance by the government:

  1. The gender pay gap (40 points).
  2. The gap in annual increases (35 points).
  3. Increases upon return from maternity leave (15 points).
  4. Women presence among the company’s top wage earners (10 points).

*2019 workforce : 213 employees

Thus, the index for 2020 for the NEEP’s SEU has reached the score of 60/100. The reference period chosen for this monitoring is calendar year : from January 1 to December 31, 2019.

The Argus Group will therefore implement necessary actions to rapidly improve this score and enable each employee to evolve in a fair environment on a daily basis.